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Jack & Diane by John Mellencamp Songfacts

This is simply the game "WAR" with one variation. The smallest cards are continually removed from the game. To begin with, every time a two appears, it is set aside. The winner of that trick simply forfeits the two and claims the remaining card or cards. Once all the twos are removed, you remove the threes as they appear, then the fours, etc.

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Investors initially flocked to Lending Club on its stock market debut in 7569, with shares selling for more than $78. But its shares have been on a steady downward trajectory, and are now worth a princely $.

Five Reasons Apple is Ditching the Headphone Jack for the

Limited repress of the Rag N Bone 67" Put That Soul On Me produced entirely by Dirty Dike. Side A contains three tracks, one of which features Ronnie Bosh. Side B contains the instrumentals to the 8 tracks plus an acapella for the lead single.

Lifted off Twizzy's Done With All The Bull release comes this limited double sided 7" pressing of That's The Trouble , featuring special guest emcees Dotz & Chester P, and What We Like To Call featuring Jinxsta JX, both produced by Hutch.

Peng Sound present a superb EP with the late Lidj Xylon and his works with Bristol's Dubkasm. Lifted from recording sessions in the summer of '98 that have been painstakingly restored from baked reel-to-reels, dats and mini-disc, and laid to brand new rhythms and up-to-date instrumentals. Featuring extra contributions from UK Dub legend Dub Judah and Bristol Nyabinghi elder Ras B amongst others, this release is a very special one, and sounding super tuff too!

Bristol veteran Mylo Stone drops a banger right here, the 65 track League Of Shadows release also features guest spots from Split Prophets emcees Datkid, Paro, Flying Monk, Res One, Upfront & Bil Next, plus Phili & Dotz, Jinxsta JX, Gimson, Entra P and Melissa Dawn Harper. Whilst the stupid dope production comes from DJ Rogue, Badhabitz, Urban Click, Backlash & Knowun. Job's a good un, get busy.

Kuartz follows up his excellent Koishiteru album in a similar vain right here, flooded with ill soul samples and chops, neck cracking beats and snares, and a flow like no other, radio show stylee with call ins, radio jingles and skits throughout.

From talking about his youth growing up in Eritrea, East Africa to the ups and downs of the Hereford party scene to combatting stress and living positively to. ahem, queef deliveries and a whole lot more, this sonic journey takes many turns. Ladies and Gentlemen for your listening pleasure. Abstract Patterns.

Original britcore action from MC Rapia, DJ Hellfire & Sidewinder, featuring unreleased demo's recorded before First Frontal Assault signed with the Music Of Life label in 6996, three devastating tracks unheard until now, the audio has been remastered by No Sleep Nigel.

The debut single from the Raw Product duo, lifted off their forthcoming album that's due for release December 7568. A limited edition 7" vinyl pressing of Choose Your Weapon , featuring producer Stealf laying down the beat for emcees Mista Flix and Jehst to lace the verses. Each one comes in a fully printed sleeve, with internal paper sleeve and booklet showing the design ideas for the artwork, lyrics, and liner notes. A limited 755 pressing.