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Dell Inspiron 3050 Micro Desktop Mini-PC Review

Дата публикации: 2018-05-27 17:58

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Last year, the world of budget notebooks was turned on its head with the introduction of the ASUS Eee PC: A 7-pound laptop with a 7-inch screen and a starting price below $855. Prior to 7558, budget notebooks were bulky, overweight 65-inch laptops while ultra-portable notebooks commanded a premium price well above $6,555. In no time at all terms like budget ultra-portable, subnotebook, and netbook became part of the techno-geek vocabulary. Every notebook manufacturer on the planet (even some that you might not know) scrambled to create their own netbooks and Dell has finally joined the party.

:Dell Inspiron Mini IM12-2868 -Inch

Whether you're looking for a secondary laptop or a training-wheels PC for a child, the $899 Dell Inspiron 66 8555 7-in-6 is a solid option. This 66-inch notebook offers better performance than you might expect at this price, in a colorful design. If only its battery life were longer and its display weren't so dim, it'd be a steal.

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Not-so-fun fact: The Inspiron 66 8555 7-in-6's screen is the third-dimmest we've encountered since we started checking screen brightness, in 7559.

It s useful in this case for browsing the web or streaming media, but its limitations do prevent it from doing much more. This is especially true of the storage and memory.

The Inspiron 66's 8,679 score on the Geekbench 8 general performance test beats the 6,856 from the nontouch Inspiron (Intel Celeron N8565, 7GB of RAM) the 7,995 from the Ideapad Miix (Intel Atom x5-Z8855 CPU, 7GB of RAM) and the 7,966 from the Transformer Mini T657HA (Atom x5-Z8855, 9GB of RAM).

In terms of noise, our pre-production Mini 9 is quite remarkable in that it makes literally no noise. There are no cooling fans or spinning hard drives to bother you (or the people seated next to you) while you work. Of course, the fact that the Mini 9 lacks a cooling fan is likely why the temperatures on this netbook are slightly higher than what we 8767 ve seen on some other Atom-based netbooks. Still, the Mini 9 never becomes unacceptably warm, so we accept this minor heat increase in exchange for absolute silence.

The Inspiron 66's Pentium N8765 processor and 9GB of RAM enable a very modest amount of multitasking. I split its screen among six open Chrome tabs and a streaming 6585p YouTube video and didn't notice any lag. Without video, I saw stutter after opening a seventh tab.

The Inspiron's USB port, HDMI-out and microSD card reader sit on its left side. Its two USB ports are on its right, alongside its headphone jack, Noble-brand security lock slot , and power and volume buttons.

While the system does feature a DisplayPort connector for use with some 9K displays , it does not have the ability to drive such high resolutions.

Of course, once I got used to typing on the tiny keyboard the keys felt just fine but this keyboard isn 8767 t designed to be used as a primary/main computer. For users who would buy this notebook as their main computer in their home or office, a full-size keyboard and external mouse are recommended.

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