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Gemini Roller Coaster | Cedar Point

There's a place where the glistening Lake Erie shoreline meets a unique skyline. That place is Cedar Point, and there is so much to offer. Start planning your next vacation now!

Scientists claim Gemini is the most advanced such instrument to be deployed on one of the world’s biggest telescopes – the eight-metre Gemini South telescope in Chile.

‘Imagine one day, we're going to be able to see seasonal effects on these planets and be able to see if there is a biosphere,’ he said.

The document was prepared while I was working for Al Hopkins and Ray Alonso at the Instrumentation Laboratory and describes the analysis of the crux of a proposed backup system if the AGC became overloaded during the LEM trajectory. Although the backup method described was never used, the document shows the type of analysis that went on "behind the scenes" in support of the entire mission.

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Note that this section doesn't include things like GSOP documents, which have their own section above, but is simply a catch-all for everything I haven't already listed that's mission specific or specific to a mission class.

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