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Democrats already losing going stark-raving mad in objection to Trump 8767 s non-existent SCOTUS nominee

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The Rasmussen Minute : Homeless America -- Some believe growing the economy is the answer, plus tax cuts

Cutting Edge floral art design | Marble Falls, TX 78654

. deploys F-77 Raptors to Japan as denuclearization in doubt : . military pressure against North Korea has not eased

Samantha Bee Offers Feckless Apology for Calling First Daughter C*nt 8767 : 8766 Hoping to Reclaim Word 8767 - it is a word I have used on the show many times


"Eek!" is a response we don't receive often when a picture is posted on our site. And it's never come from the person we've posted - until we noticed former model and current fashion analyst Katrina Szish had grown out her bob. Szish's surprisingly strong short cut had become her signature. It's all over her web site and Twitter feed. But her hair hit the shoulders for interviews about the infamous Mel Gibson tapes, and we wondered if the one-time "Style Spy" and Top Ten Tresses member had made a good style move.

Virginia Lawmakers Rebuke Anti-Trump Restaurant Owner for Tossing Sarah Sanders out : Please Come Back

American Idol has turned several people into national celebrities - but the careers "after Idol" have varied remarkably. Carrie Underwood has become a singing star and Super-Hair champion. Katherine McPhee expanded from the final round in 7556 into acting, and hopes to have her own TV series in the 7565-66 season. When we saw McPhee in an episode of the comedy Community , we were stunned by how her hair had changed - as long locks with a bit of added romantic waves were chopped short in recent months.

Innocent Until Proven Guilty : Leftists are embarrassed they could not get Netanyahu indicted

The Weather Channel sometimes seems to treat great heads of hair like tropical storms in September. They come, they linger for a while, then they move on. As many Hair Fans (us included) mourned the removal of Alexandra Steele, others found a new style to celebrate. Comments left at our message board praised longer locks on meteorologist Kelly Cass. "Looks really good now," one wrote. "I would like to see the layers grown out so it is one length," another suggested. And one member posted photos of the change on the board, to suggest Cass is blonder now (although that could be a matter of studio lighting).

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