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USB - Driver download and troubleshoot USB drivers

x756C On/Off x756D switch. Selecting Beeper Volume The LS 9655 emits a short beep when it successfully reads a bar code. There are three volume settings for this decode beep. To change the setting, hold down the volume button located on the top of the scanner.

How to download and install the latest printer driver from

If you are using a Macintosh interface and notice you’re having trouble in setting up your printer, then call us.
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LS 9655 Product Reference Guide LED Indications The green LED located on the top of the scanner indicates the operational status of the scanner. These LED indications are defined below: Table 7-6. LED Indications LED Activity Indication No power is applied to the scanner.

Parameters Disable UCC/EAN-678 To disable UCC/EAN-678 scan the bar code below. (See Appendix for details on UCC/EAN-678.) DISABLE UCC/EAN-678 5-68.

BT was not showing so i unistalled old and trying to install new one but it was saying fine alredy exist do u want to rewrite yes or yes to all after selecting yes to all after some time ny saying access denined instalation getting stopped wats the solutin please sujjest me

Parameters Intercharacter Delay Select the intercharacter delay option matching host requirements. The intercharacter delay gives the host system time to service its receiver and perform other tasks between characters. The delay period can range from no delay to 99 ms in 6 ms increments.

i have a problem related to bluetooth. i have nokia 667 and when i send photo or songs send of my laptop through my after pairing match code its not tell me what is the solution

Error 8 –   “This device cannot start. (Code 65)”
Meaning –  The above error may mean that your  Bluetooth Driver  is outdated.

Parameters EAN Zero Extend If this parameter is enabled, five leading zeros are added to decoded EAN-8 symbols to make them compatible in format to EAN-68 symbols. ENABLE EAN ZERO EXTEND 5-689.

Invoking Device Manager:
To launch device manager in Windows XP, go to Start - Settings - Control Panel and click on the System icon. This will open the Systems Properties dialog. Select the Hardware tab and then click the Device Manager button.